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Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid

Chemical name: L-(+)-Lactic Acid, (S)-2-hydroxy-propanoic acid

CAS Number: 79-33-4; 50-21-5 

Description: The lactic acid, produced by fermentation, is brown, syrupy and hygroscopic liquid with slightly acid odor. The product is GRAS.

Chemical formula: CH3CHOHCOOH


Applications: For Feed

Acidifier: Lactic acid can maintain acid-base balance in animals to enhance animal's immunity;

Preservatives: Lactic acid can inhibit the growth of anaerobic microorganisms in feed, to extend the shelf-life of fodder.

Fungicide: Adding lactic acid in drinking water in poultry before slaughter, can control the pathogen infection and cross- contamination risks effectively.

Specification: GB1886.173-2016/ E270/ FCC


Dark brown liquid

Total Acid content %

80.0 min

Lactic Acid content %

74.0 min

Sulphates %

0.05 max

Chlorides %

0.02 max

Sulphated ash %

3.0 max

Iron; ppm

20 max

Total heavy metals; ppm

10 max

Package: 20kg bag in box/25kg drum/250kg drum/1200kg IBC/23mt Flexitank/25mt ISO-Tank