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Antioxidant BHT

Antioxidant BHT

Product name: antioxidant 264, antioxidant T501

Chemical name: 2,6-Di-tert-butyl-p-cresol

Molecular formula: C15H24O

CAS No. 128-37-0

Properties: the product is white crystal; soluble in alcohol, ether, ester, halogenated alkane, aromatic hydrocarbon and gasoline, insoluble in water. The product is non-toxic.

Technical index: it is divided into technical grade and food grade.


Industrial gradeFood grade
Melting point (°C)69.0-70.069.0-70.0
Moisture %0.05 max0.05 max
Free phenol %0.015 max0.015 max
Ash %0.01 max0.01 max
Sulfate %
Heavy metal %
Arsenic %

Uses: technical grade antioxidant BHT is widely used as oxidation-resistant stabilizing agent in high polymer materials and in petroleum products; technical antioxidant BHT is widely used in food processing, feed processing and packaging materials for food.

Packing: paper-plastic laminated bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg/bag.