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Retarder E/C

Retarder E/C

Technical Name: N-phenyl-N-[(trichloromethyl)thio]benzenesulphonamide

CAS NO.: 2280-49-1

Formula: C13H10Cl3NO2S2        

Molecular Weight:382.713

EINECS No:218-915-0

AppearanceWhite or light-yellow powder
Purity, %90.0 min
heating loss, %0.30 max
Ash content, % (850°C 2hr )6.0 max
Residue on 63µm,%0.50 max
Oil content,%1.0-2.0

Properties: Curekind Retarder E/C is white or light-yellow powder. Part of soluble in benzene, ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in gasoline, insoluble in water.

Application: Excellent retarder for natural and synthetic rubber, suitable for EPDM, NBR & HNBR, obviously delay the scorching time, but not affect the curing speed. Especially for thiuram vulcanization system, and can be used as the second promoting agents, reduce curing time and improve production efficiency. No pollution, not changing color can be used for light products. Meanwhile, can improve EPDM and NBR the sulfurization cross linking density, improve stretch for stress, reduce the permanent compression deformation. Non harmful substances formed during curing process. Mainly used in automotive rubber seal system. Dosage:0.5-1.5 phr. Same active material with DZ-01,but with higher content.

Package: N.W. 25Kg/bag, packed with Kraft paper bag. N.W.600KG/pallet.

Storage: Store in closed containers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Avoid exposure under direct sunlight. Shelf-life is 2years in its original package.