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Product Name: Graphene 

AppearanceBlack paste
Solid content(%)43 ± 5 
S(wt%)2.0 Max


1.Be rich in oxygen-containing functional groups, such as hydroxyl group, carboxyl group and epoxy group.

2.Can be easily grafted or modified for in-situ polymerization or integration with polymeric composites, therefore endowing good electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as mechanical reinforcement to the matrices.

3.Easy to be exfoliated into graphene oxide dispersion, and to form thin films.


Use for polymer composites, such as plastic, resin, rubber, fiber composites, also for anode and cathode materials of Li-ion batteries, graphene thermal conductive film and catalyst loading.


Wear appropriate protective clothing and safety gloves to avoid direct contact with body. In case of contact, flush with a lot of water. Store in tightly-closed containers with in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place, and stay away from ignition sources or heat. Stay away from strong reducing agent and combustibles.


Unrestricted goods. Avoid insolation, rain, leakage and labels off. Throwing is prohibited. Load and unload carefully to protect from damage. Stay away from ignition sources or heat. Can not be transported with corrosive materials.