UV absorbers and Light Stabilizers on plastics

In the process of outdoor use, polymer materials may deteriorate in appearance or mechanical properties such as yellowing, brittleness and cracking due to the a...

First China domestic COVID-19 drug ready for use

According to Henan Daily reporter on August 7, China's first domestically developd COVID-19 drug approved by the regulator last month and added to the national ...

UV Curing Cationic Photopolymerization

Cationic photoinitiators are also known as photoacid generators. Once the cationic photoinitiator absorbs UV radiation, the initiator molecule is converted into...

Graphene rubber modified asphalt pavement has been put into

The graphene composite rubber modified asphalt pavement was successfully paved and put into use in the bridge deck pavement maintenance project of Nanning Bridg...
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